Well Bubbler installed in a vineyard, showing data logger port and display


How Does It Work?

 The Well Bubbler forces compressed air through a tube installed in the well to accurately  measure  the  standing  and  pumping  water  levels  -  the  same approach  used  by  well  drillers  and  pump  installers.  The  well  level  is automatically calculated from the length of the tube and the air pressure, and is shown on the display in feet. The Well Bubbler is designed and built in California. 

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The US Geological Survey (USGS), Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and University of Missouri recommend using compressed air, and an airline, to manually measure well water level. The Well Bubbler performs the same test automatically!



Ease of Installation


The  Well  Bubbler  was  developed  after  years  of  struggling  with  hydro-static, "pressure-type", and acoustic well level sensors. Submersible pump motor wiring and  tight  clearances  cause  hydro-static  sensors  to  snag  during  installation. Turbine pump motors drip oil into the well, clogging and fouling the sensor. The pump  can be damaged by "swallowing"  the  sensor  body  and  wiring, while VFD noise  can  make  pressure  sensors  unreadable. Splashing water during well recharge, deviated well geometry, and engine  noise  affect  the accuracy of acoustic sensors. The  Well  Bubbler  can  be  safely  installed  with all  pump  and motor types -  it  is  not  affected  by  oil  in  the  well, VFD noise, or engine noise. 

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 The Well Bubbler uses built-in solar power and requires no wiring, assembly AC power.  In many cases, a 1/4" air line is already installed in the well, for a truly "plug-and-play" installation.  



Plug-and-Play Operation

Each Well Bubbler includes the following features as standard, allowing for accurate, reliable well level measurement out of the box. 

  • Cellular data reporting and text alerts
  • Record flow rate from pulse-type flow meters
  • Record pump power & pressure using 4-20mA sensors
  • Built-in solar power - no wiring, assembly or AC needed
  • LCD display - visible in bright sunlight, and at night
  • Relay output - stop the pump when level is low
  • Secure data logger - view well level & flow rate history
  • Telemetry output - 4 to 20mA and 0 to 5Vdc
  • Use with standard, 1/4" diameter air tubing
  • External power input - for remote solar panels or AC
  • External power output - used to power flow meters

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The Well Bubbler is also compatible with most telemetry systems, allowing for remote, wireless reporting of well level data and voice, text or email alerts.




Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi

Measurement range (SWL - PWL): 350 ft

Sample rate: 30 min max, 60 min typical

ASA Plastic enclosure, NEMA 12 and IP65

External dimensions: 13.75" X 10" X 4.15"  (W x H x D) 

Weight: 15 lbs


Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi

Measurement range (SWL - PWL): 350 ft

Sample rate: 5 min max, 15 min typical

14-ga Steel enclosure, NEMA 12 and IP65

External dimensions: 19 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 7" (W x D x H)

Weight: 25 lbs

Mounting: Strut channel, 1-5/8


Maximum operating pressure: 300 psi

Measurement range (SWL - PWL): 700 ft

Sample rate: 30 min max, 60 min typical

14-ga Steel enclosure, NEMA 12 and IP65

External dimensions: 19 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 7" (W x D x H)

Weight: 35 lbs

Mounting: Strut channel, 1-5/8

All Models

Accuracy: +/- 0.25% at 77F (25C)

Total error band: +/- 1.0% over entire temperature range

Operating temperature range: 5F to 131F (-15C to  55C)

Telemetry output: 0-5 Vdc, 4-20 mA (isolated), 10-bit 

Flow meter input: pulse type, 0.1Hz-100Hz, 12Vdc 

Discharge pressure input: 12Vdc, 4-20mA transducer 

Pump current input: 12Vdc, 4-20mA transducer

Pump control relay: 5A @ 120Vac, SPST

External power input: 1A @ 18-24Vdc

External power output: 0.25A @ 12Vdc

Data logger capacity: 1MB or 65,546 data points 

Storage: ~2 years at 15 min sample rate 

Cellular communication  (optional): Verizon LTE-M

Air tube compatibility: 1/4" OD, push to connect

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The Well Bubbler leads the field in measurement range, accuracy, and features.



The following optional Well Bubbler accessories aid in sensor and air line installation.

Air Line Kit

Use the air line kit for wells without an existing air line. Our tubing has a small 5/32" outer diameter, a 1/2" bend radius and is rated for 350 psi for ease of installation and long service life. The kit includes a set of push-to-connect fittings for use with the Well Bubbler.

Weight Bead Kit

The weight bead kit is used with our 5/32" diameter air line. The beads have a small 3/8" diameter, a 1/2" length, and are used to weigh down the tubing during installation. They are made from soft, zinc-plated brass and include all fittings required for installation. Combined with food-grade lubricant, the flexible, small-diameter assembly can be installed in the tightest wells with minimal access; the beads and fittings are designed to separate from the tubing if stuck.

Tubing Caddy

The tubing caddy makes frequent installations convenient and accurate. Carry up to two, 1000-foot spools 5/32" tubing. The caddy includes a precision tubing length counter, showing the exact length of tubing installed in the well.

Mounting Kit

The Well Bubbler is designed for mounting on open-face 1-5/8 structural strut channel. The strut can be mounted directly in the ground, to a backboard or a concrete pump pad. The mounting kit includes a 12" section of strut, with fasteners. Contact us for longer sections of structural channel, fittings and fasteners.

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Well Bubbler accessories are sold separately from the unit, and are used in wells without an existing air line.